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Welcome to my page.

It has vore on it. Run while you still can.

Ongoing/Upcoming Events:
- Free Nom Fridays

My OCs

Size Difference Pics

Dragon and Doodlist [GT] by MythrilMogSam Yer Drunk *Anthro* by MythrilMog
See More
GT, GTS, and general size difference related artwork (no vore)

Commissioned Work

comm114 by xlerotlYCH for MythrilMog :) by lizardwow
See More
Commissions I've bought in the past from other artists. Also has art friends have commissioned with my ocs in it

To-Do List: Personal

currently working on | - not started | - ongoing project | - finished

Character Reference Sheets
The Dagon family
- Cyd Dagon
- Ashah Dagon
The Big 7 (various generations)

Race/Species Info
- Avraan
- Ihatok
- Jättese
- Inkers
- Whiteout
- Star Takers

- n/a


To-Do List: For others

currently working on | - on hold/awaiting approval | - not started | - ongoing project | - finished

Trades: [Closed | note me]

- n/a

Commissions [Closed] 2016 Prices

Comic Commissions [Closed] Prices
Sketch Comic for Jasmination [paid/Inking]
comic commission (2page/8 panel) for Tuiteyfruity [paid/Inking/coloring]

- n/a
- Gorlassar - colored sketch


- n/a

What is all this?


Quick list
Main account: risky
Can we be friends?: I'm terrible at making friends.
Will you rp with me?: Doubtful. Red more below.
Why a llama?: Because you dropped by! :V
Will you give me points?: No. I have no points to give. TuT
Do you do requests?: Only by journal offering
Trades/Collabs?: Ask meeeee
Why are you so bitchy?: Because I am one. And I'm very VERY tired. Now shoo.

Just a heads up. I use my scraps. OFTEN.

I don't work on vore content on Sundays
I just don't. So no commission work will get done on Sundays. |3

Do you draw other things than vore and GT?
risky<- that's my non-vore/GT account. I seriously need to update it more. OTL

What are you drawing here?
G/T and vore. What are those?? G/T stands for Giant/Tiny and not Dragon Ball GT. Vore is the act of being consumed by another being. Some people think of it as a fetish and others just enjoy it for the sake of the art/comforting scenarios/aspects of it.

Vore can be comforting?
There are many "types" of vore. Fatal, non-fatal, hard, soft, oral, etc. For some people, they enjoy the dominance of fatal vore or the act of digestion. For others it's more of an act of comfort rather than dominance/nature/survival. It's an act between friends and loved ones to offer safety and protection or just for play. Usually that type have methods of keeping prey safe while in the predator. But really it just varies from person to person on what they're into.

What's your stance on vore?
I tend to draw/write soft oral vore and the fluffier sides of it through non-fatal bonding vore. Doesn't mean I won't work on fatal vore. I do enjoy non-con non-fatal vore, reformation, and horror/survival scenarios as well as the fluff stuff. I really don't want to be lumped into any one group or with other folks who may draw similar stuff. We've all got our styles and ideals on what we will and won't draw. *shrugs*

Is vore a fetish for you?
No. I can understand why some folks would see it that way... but I'm not really one for sexual vore. I don't judge when it comes to people and their kinks, but I would greatly appreciate it if you respected my views and refrain from making sexual remarks on or about my art, stories, and ocs. Thank you. UwU

Why do so many of your characters pop up in lots of different, totally unrelated stories and scenarios??
I can't focus on one plot for too long. So I make up other ones to keep myself entertained.... I have a very short attention span like that. This is also why I never finish anything. Besides all my AUs are canon so it works.

Will you RP with me and my ocs?
Probably not. I just don't have the drive to anymore. I got hurt pretty bad a few years ago because of it and I've just never been able to recover my zest for playing prey and I make a shit pred when it comes to rp... so there's a very low chance I'll ever get back into it. Mostly because I'm scared. Sorry.

Other places to find my vore work: FA | Weasly | Tumblr

custom box bg and mini pixel bullets by Gasara

People you should be watching


If I did an "Art for Amazon items" sale would anyone be interested? >n>; 

18 deviants said maybe
8 deviants said yeah
2 deviants said nah


MythrilMog has started a donation pool!
803 / 4,000
Paying for a commission in points? Just wanna donate for the heck of it? Do that here!

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